Creativity Workshop Schedule

Friday, June  27  2014

6:00 p.m.     Happy  Half-hour to get acquainted and to discuss your expectations for the workshop.

6:30-8:00    Barbecue

8:00-9:30    Playing games on summer evenings—horse shoes, pétanque, scavenger hunt

Saturday, June 28 2014

6:30-7:30    Sunrise photo shoot at the cemetery  

7:30-8:30    Buckaroo breakfast

8:30-9:30    Observation exercise:   Curiosity and ignorance

9:30-12:00  Collage workshop with Vivianne Schupbach—using your imagination

12:00-1:30  Bag lunch and observation exercise—getting a feel for the place.

1:30-2:30     Photo class critiquing

2:30-3:30     Observation exercise –making a scent map

3:30-5:00     Free time

5:00-6:00     Dressing for dinner 

“This is so not me” We all have a habitual way of dressing, of thinking about ourselves.   For one hour, experiment with a different sense of yourself.   We will have a thrift store wardrobe box, from which you pick an outfit that is “so not you.”  (You can  wear regular clothes down to dinner at Taylor Canyon.)

A wine-tasting  and Cynthia’s photo booth.  

6:00-8:00  Taylor Canyon prime rib night

8:00-9:30—Improv exercises with Stan Kaplan  at the Adobe House

Give yourself a weekend to regain your creative gifts; to learn the common characteristics of creative people in any domain of life; to practice fun, interesting (and non-threatening) techniques to enhance your personal creativity. 

Sunday, June 29  2014

6:30-8:00     Sunrise photo shoot—find your own place

8:00-9:00     Pancake breakfast

9:00-12:00  Reflective writing:  Dancing on the        Edge

     12:00       picnic

1:00-2:30    Collage workshop—finishing what you started

2:30-4:00     Sharing and wrap-up

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