Poet and writing instructor, Nancy Harris McLelland opens her home in historic Tuscarora and brings twenty-three years of professional experience to help each writer take a prose piece, a selection of poetry, or memoir to the next level of completion.

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Give yourself time and space to work on your vision—or revision—in a supportive atmosphere with six other writers.

The two-day workshop is $250, including my line-editing of your manuscript, a one-page critique, and all meals. 

One night’s lodging at the rustic hotel at the Tuscarora Pottery School is $25.00. Rooms are single and double occupancy.

Make a reservation by calling Ben Parks @ 775-756-5526.

To register for the workshop, e-mail Nancy  tuscarora.writers@gmail.com or for more information call  775-756-5581 or 707-489-5261.

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September 13 -14  -or- September 27-28